Saturday, 5 February 2011

Malaria Medication

I got my malaria medication today and thought I'd recommend to everyone (well everyone buying their meds from the UK) to use Superdrug to get their malaria tablets.

I got 210 doxycycline tablets for £13.27, which is a lot better than some of the quotes I've been getting online and in-store for £40 and up. Make sure that they give you the tablets in boxes of 50s instead of the weekly boxes. I tried to get them to put the tablets in a bottle instead of blister packs to save space but with no luck. However, by stacking the packets together, I managed to get 7 months worth of tablets into the two boxes, which takes up less space than a pair of trousers.

I don't know if private prescription charges vary from practice to practice but I paid £11.50 for mine so including this in the price of the tablets comes to a total of just under 12p a tablet.

Only 53 days to go now! :D

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